Metamagic And You

All spellcasters learn to manipulate spells through metamagic as a normal part of their training in the art.

At 1st level a spellcaster gains a number of metamagic arts equal to his relevant ability modifier. At 2nd level and every 2 caster levels thereafter they may learn an additional metamagic art.

A spellcaster has a limited number of metamagic ‘slots’ equal to 3 + their relevant ability modifier that may be used each day. This is refreshed as part of the normal process of regaining or preparing spells. A metamagic art takes up a number of slots equal to its DC modifier. A prepared caster applies the metamagic to their spells when they are prepared, spontaneous casters apply the metamagic when the spell is cast.

Casting a metamagic spell requires a Spellcraft check at the time of the casting. These Spellcraft checks do not provoke an attack of opportunity. Success means the spell was modified as intended. Failure by 5 or less means the spell is cast, but was not modified. Failure by 6 to 10 fatigues the caster for the duration of the encounter, and failure by more than 10 fatigues the caster and deals them 1d6 + the metamagic DC nonlethal damage.

Metamagic Check DC = 15 + spell level + metamagic art DC modifier

If not rushed, a caster may take 10 on the metamagic check.

Spontaneous casters must take a move action to apply a metamagic effect. If the spell casting time is 1 round, the check DC increases by +5 instead.

Multiple effects can be placed on a spell, but the spell level + the metamagic art DCs may not exceed 9 or the caster level + 1 (whichever is lower)

Metamagic Art Caster Level DC Metamagic Art Caster Level DC
Bouncing Spell 1st +1 Maximize Spell 6th +3
Dazing Spell 6th +3 Merciful Spell 1st +0
Disruptive Spell 1st +1 Persistent Spell 4th +2
Ectoplasmic Spell 1st +1 Quicken Spell 8th +4
Elemental Spell 1st +1 Reach Spell 1st +1
Empower Spell 4th +2 Selective Spell 10th +1
Enlarge Spell 1st +1 Sickening Spell 1st +1
Extend Spell 1st +1 Silent Spell 1st +1
Focused Spell 1st +1 Still Spell 1st +1
Formidable Spell 1st +1† Threatening Illusion 1st +1
Intensified Spell 1st +1 Thundering Spell 4th +2
Lingering Spell 1st +1 Widen Spell 6th +3

† +1 Spellcraft DC for +1 Spell Save DC.

Metamagic And You

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