Blight Witch Archetype

A master of curse and contagion, the blight witch not only spreads these but gains a measure of control over them as well

Malediction (Su): The blight witch gains additional insight into the blight hex, expanding the options available to her through it.

  • Blighted: The witch may afflict a creature within 30 ft. with a ranged touch attack.
  • Diseased Eye: At level 6 the witch may shift her perspective to that of a creature within 1 mile which she has affected with Blight as a swift action. She senses everything the creature senses, and may use her new vantage point as the source point for afflicting another target with blight. The sensory input completely overrides her normal senses, she is considered helpless while using Diseased Eye.
  • Augmented Contagion: The witch afflicts the target with a disease of her choice as the Contagion spell. The onset is either immediate or natural according to the disease as specified by the witch. The frequency of the disease does not change, but its Save DC is equal to 1/2 the witch’s level plus her Intelligence Modifier.

Expanded Blight (Su): The blight hex may be used on more than one target. The blight hex may be used on a number of targets simultaneously equal to the witch’s level plus her intelligence modifier. A single creature may only be affected by one blight at a time.

Contagious Hex (Su): When the witch successfully affects a single target with a hex, she may choose a second target within 15 ft. to afflict with the hex. All save DCs for the hex are decreased by 2. If the secondary target is affected, subsequent targets must be within 15 ft of the previous target and the DC of the hex is further decreased by 2.

Pandemic Hex (Su): As Contagious Hex but it affects all viable targets within 15 ft. (friend or foe). Each iteration of the hex still decreases the Save DC by 2. Requires Contagious Hex.

Blightblood Hex (Sp): A touched creature gains immunity from all diseases, natural or supernatural, and becomes immune to effects that would cause her to become sickened or nauseated for 1 hour per witch level.

Disease Creation:

The witch has learned to control her afflictions in such a manner that she may craft her own diseases according to her ability. Creating a disease is much like crafting a potion; it requires time and materials to create. Each disease is composed of certain aspects: an effect, a save, a transmission type, an onset time, a frequency, and a cure. A witch has a number of points equal to her class level plus her intelligence modifier which she can use to tailor her diseases. Each disease potion has a cost to create equal to the point value of the disease in gp for each dose. A single potion may contain up to 10 doses. Up to 1000 gp value of doses may be created each day.

  • Effect
    • Ability Damage – The disease causes ability damage to one ability score of the witch’s choice according to the severity selected below.
      • Minor (1d2) – 1
      • Moderate (1d4) – 3
      • Major (1d6) – 5
      • Severe (1d8) – 7
    • Status – The disease imparts one of the following conditions to the afflicted creature. Note that the conditions do not stack or increase in severity due to the frequency saves.
      • Fatigued – 1 (cannot run nor charge and takes a –2 penalty to Strength and Dexterity)
      • Exhausted – 5 (1/2 movement, -6 Str & Dex)
      • Nauseated – 5 (unable to attack, cast spells, concentrate on spells, or do anything else requiring attention. move action only)
      • Sickened – 3 (–2 penalty on all attack rolls, weapon damage rolls, saving throws, skill checks, and ability checks.)
      • Staggered – 1 (single move action or standard action each round (but not both, nor can he take full-round actions). )
      • Shaken – 1 (–2 penalty on attack rolls, saving throws, skill checks, and ability checks.)
      • Frightened – 3 (flee if possible, –2 penalty on all attack rolls, saving throws, skill checks, and ability checks. Fever-based hallucinations.)
      • Panicked – 5 (Drop anything held, flee if possible, cower if unable to flee)
      • Blinded – 5 (-2 AC, lose dex to AC, -4 Str/Dex skill checks, total concealment for opponents, half move w/o acrobatics check DC 10)
      • Deafened – 5 ( -4 init, -4 opposed perception, 20% spell fail w/verbal)
    • Multiple Effects – Add the cost of each effect together, and an additional 1 for every effect
    • Targeted – Normally a disease will only afflict a single creature type. These exclude creature types normally immune to disease.
      • General – 5 ( All creatures exposed are susceptible.)
      • Creature Type, general – 3 ( All creatures are susceptible, those of a type different from the selected type gain a +4 to their save. )
      • Creature Type, exclusive – 1 ( Only creatures of the selected type are susceptible. )
      • Species (subtype), general – 3 ( All creatures are susceptible, those of the same type but different subtype from the selected subtype gain a +4 to their save. Creatures of a different type are unaffected. )
      • Species (subtype), exclusive – 0 ( Only creatures of the selected type and subtype are susceptible. )
      • Multiple Targeted Types – Add the points from each targeted option together and add 1 for each targeted option.
      • Unique – There exist pathogens which may afflict things normally not susceptible to disease.
        • Undead – 5
        • Construct – 5
  • Save
    • Minor (DC 12) – 0
    • Moderate (DC 14) – 1
    • Major (DC 16) – 3
    • Severe (DC 18) – 5
    • Substitute Will – 3
  • Transmission
    • Injury – 0
    • Ingestion – 1
    • Inhalation – 3
    • Contact – 5
  • Onset
    • 1 Week – 0
    • 1 Day – 1
    • 1 Hour – 3
    • 1 Minute – 5
  • Frequency
    • 1 Week – 0
    • 1 Day – 1
    • 1 Hour – 3
    • 1 Minute – 5
  • Cure
    • 1 save – 0
    • 2 saves – 1
    • 2 consecutive saves – 3
    • 3 saves – 3
    • 3 consecutive saves – 5

Blight Witch Archetype

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