Darkwave Tales: Kingmaker

Fire and Frost

After extensive preparations at Oleg’s Trading Post, the party finally felt ready to attack the outlying bandit camp which had been waylaying caravans on the western road.

It took all of a day’s journey to approach the site as described by Percival, the captured bandit. As the party drew near, Byzalte scouted out the location with supreme skill and cunning. The site was little more than a campfire with lookout perches, supply stash and a small place to tie up horses (which were all absent…).

With night falling, the bandits were sitting around the fire with three undead thralls. Under the canopy of the trees, the light level was significantly dark that the humans were unable to see the approach of the party who, with Byzalte’s guidance, were able to take position completely undetected while arriving at a plan of attack.

The sorcerer, Trajan, convinced the party that he could charm the bandits sufficiently to put them off their guard and gain information in the process.

It did not go exactly as he had planned.

First, he tried to seduce Kressle, remembering the accounts of Percival and Gustave who described her as having loose and eager appetites toward men. Unfortunately, he did not quite remember their descriptions of her being both predatory and sadistic.

This lead to a close encounter with a live ember.

Barely managing to counter the hot coal before it landed, Trajan let out a most unbecoming shriek for help to his comrades which waited, watching with amusement from the darkness under the nearby trees. The attack was swift and brutal. Tolixan’s mental assault left one bandit with porridge between his ears, and Stehlen’s summoned hell hound arose from the campfire to viciously disable Kressle herself. It took only another few moments to destroy the undead and subdue the remaining two bandit minions, but Kressle proved amazingly difficult to keep control of, as she fought with crazed strength.

Finally rendering her unconscious after a drawn out struggle to keep the bindings around her limbs, the party questioned the conscious bandit while Phuralq applied alchemy to save the life of the one which was bleeding to death from Tolixan’s sword. There were spoils still at the camp from the recently robbed caravan and Kressle herself owned a handsome pair of handaxes with which she is quite proficient.

Night was truly underway, so the party had little choice but to make camp there before preparing to journey back to Oleg’s Trading Post in the morning with prisoners in tow.


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