Phuralq's journals, works in progress

Picking over the motley assortment of petty gems in the merchant’s display, your hand finds itself lingering on a shard of smokey blue quartz. A psychedelic stream whorls through you, coalescing momentarily into flashes of vision, snatches of sound and hallucinatory sensations before dispersing like puffs of steam.

The merchant arches a suspicious eyebrow as you stand stock still, staring with wide eyes into the stone. You become aware that, by concentrating, you can somewhat control the flow of experiences as they move past, allowing you to sort through them until they arrange themselves like a table of contents…

Starday, the 7th of Pharast
Sunday, the 8th of Pharast
Fireday, the 20th of Pharast
Wealday, the 25th of Pharast
Fireday, the 27th of Pharast
Toilday, the 31st of Pharast
Starday, the 4th of Gozran
Fireday, the 17th of Gozran
Fireday, the 3rd of Desnus

Starday, the 14th of Kuthona
Addendum to Starday, the 14th of Kuthona
Gnomebody gnomes the trouble I’ve seen
Pleased To Meat You
Grizabellum Memories

Revelation Space
A Run In My Stalking

Phuralq's journals, works in progress

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