Byzalte 0gp, 30 arrows 3 trail rations, Barkskin, CLW, CLW, CLW, CLW, Masterwork Chainshirt, masterwork handaxe x2, Climber’s kit, Stag Lord’s Helm, Composite longbow +1 (2 str), sunrod, Feather token (Swan Boat), +1 cold iron greataxe
Phuralq 884.4gp, +3 trail rations, potion of gaseous form, dust of illusion, Sorcerous Psicrystal, Feather token (Swan Boat), CLW, caltrops, handy haversack
Stehlen 3pp, 1106gp, 481sp, 2769cp, 92.4, +3 trail rations, alchemist’s fire (2),Waterskin, Demonskin Spellbook, Boots of Elvenkind
Trajan 3pp, 1106gp, 481sp, 2769cp, 92.4, silver Stag Lord amulet, +3 trail rations, Sunrod, Circlet of Free Thought, Bracers of armor +1, Bell
Tolixan 884.4, Masterwork Longsword, Potion of Enlarge x2, Potion of Shilligah,Masterwork Shield, heavy steel, MW cold iron sickle, Amulet of Natural Armor +1, Heavy Wooden Shield +1, Chain Shirt +1
Morpheus 126.4, Wand of Lightning Bolt (CL5) 12 charges, antitoxin
Salvar 884.4, Sunrod x2, CLW
Deacon Wulf +1 Ranseur


55 sp
42 cp
6 gp
Silver Ring


Pot. Cure Mod. Wounds x2
Scroll of Summon Natures Ally II
Wand of Cure Light Wounds (26)
Feather Token (tree) x6
mwk Longbow
20 Arrows
mwk sickle

Storage at Oleg’s

Bramble Manticore nest

spyglass, 10 bolts, manacles, Potion of Cure Moderate Wounds
Rose Quartz, Brown-green Garnet, Chrysoprase, Malachite, Agate, Lapiz Lazuli
3pp, 65 gp, 320 sp, 300 cp

Boggard Lair

210 gp, Iolite Power Stone, Deep Green Spinel (90), Blue Quartz (25)

Tatzlwyrm Den

+1 Scale mail, 58gp, 20sp, pewter drinking stein, silver ring, jade carving of a nude female monk, map of greenbelt exploration.

Alts – Ogre

Arcane Scroll
Shortbow, composite
Holy symbol, silver
Explorer’s outfit

Carnelian 14gp, Obsidian 6gp, Star rose quartz 15gp, Freshwater (irregular) pearl 6gp, Moonstone 12gp, Freshwater (irregular) pearl 1gp, Turquoise 4gp

pp: 1
gp: 32
sp: 120
cp: 300

These Power Stones have all been consumed already

Aquamarine 414gp Power Stone – Telempatic Projection,Foxhole
Amber 52gp Power Stone – Recall Agony
Deep Blue Spinel 193gp Power Stone – Sharpened Edge, Locate Secret Doors, Astral Traveler
Hematite 2gp Power Stone – Sustenance
Turquoise 7gp Power Stone – Psionic Lock, Deja Vu


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