Darkwave Tales: Kingmaker

Send in the clowns

The defeat of Prig and the Cold Rider was bitter-sweet to say the least. Trajana was rapidly becoming a tree thanks to a dryad’s suggestion to drink a magical brew, and as Stehlen attempted to capitalize on her predicament, she blasted him for his efforts. The fairgoers, released from the Cold Rider’s illusion, realized with horror what they had really been participating in. Shock and panic set in, overshadowing the regicide being committed. Throngs of terrified people crowded the exits, trampling each other in their haste to leave.

In all, 430 people were slaughtered in the carnival, and many more were thoroughly traumatized by the events. The thorpe of South River, the site of the carnival, and the surrounding farms were completely abandoned. Many individual farms in the kingdom were left without occupants as the remnants of the families move away from the massacre.

The leadership, struggling with the severe disruption brought about by the regicide, are able to restore order to the kingdom through a Herculean effort on their part, preventing a mass exodus by the kingdom populous. The tavern, Jugs ‘n’ Such, stood vacant for a short while as the owner had perished, but with the blessing of the rulers a new proprietor claimed the tavern. The squatters that had moved in were granted the ability to claim a vacant house. The sudden labor shortage was mostly filled by these same vagrants.


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