Darkwave Tales: Kingmaker

Rumble in the Jungle

Hostilities between two rival logging companies have erupted, resulting in the deaths of one of the logging foremen. Cecil Berevont is the son of an aristocrat with a great sense of entitlement and little common sense. When word of the new barony and the prisoner ‘sale’ spread, he borrowed funds to purchase a dozen prisoners and hire a couple guards. One of the guards was a gruff woodsman named Carter James. He suggested that the slaves (he has no qualms about telling things the way the are) be used to cut lumber for sale, an idea that Cecil quickly accepted.

Upon arriving in the Narlmarches they quickly set to work harvesting lumber for transport. Carter discovered a better stand of trees further in, and though the site was previously marked as claimed, he set the men to work on the stand. Brandt Selman, the owner of a logging interest and one of the first to arrive at the barony, discovered the incursion when he arrived with his crew to cut down the stand. There was a scuffle and Carter ended up driving off Brandt and his men by force, claiming the stand for themselves. Brandt would not accept this theft, and paid one of his less scrupulous woodsmen, a rat-faced woodcutter named Trisken, to take care of Carter. About a week after the incident, Carter was found hanging naked from a tree near the edge of town with his throat cut and the word ‘thief’ rudely carved into his chest.

The details of the incident and the parties involved are easy to discover, it is a small town after all. Cecil is demanding restitution for the death of his foreman, Brandt is demanding payment for the harvesting of ‘his’ trees. Deacon currently has Trisken chained in an unfinished room in the castle with Tolixan guarding him until his fate can be determined. His guilt is fairly evident, his blood-stained clothes were discovered, his knife matches the wounds exactly, and witnesses put him near Carter’s tent the night he was killed.

Cecil is a newcomer to the barony and is fairly abrasive. As the son of a prominent aristocrat he feels that everyone else is beneath him, including the commoners who call themselves the leaders of this mud pit of a barony. He treats his indentured servants as slaves, giving them only the barest of essentials to survive and working them to exhaustion. His guards, including the late Carter James, were hard taskmasters, driving their charges through fear and intimidation. Most of the indentured servant’s crimes in Brevoy were relatively minor offenses, outstanding debts, vandalism, failure to cooperate with authorities, and a couple charges of treason against the crown. None had a sentence of longer than a year, though the two charged with treason were to be incarcerated for a year and then expelled from the country.

Brandt has been around since before founding. He was in the wagon train that was initially led down from Olegs and trees that he and his crew have harvested can be found in most of the buildings in town. He works right alongside his men and pays them a more than fair wage.

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