Darkwave Tales: Kingmaker

Huggin' Trees

A couple days after setting out once again, the small group of misadventurers happened upon an off altercation. A small group of loggers were being held at bay by two of their own who had been charmed by a Nereid, a beautiful fey creature living in the nearby river. Once the adventurers made their presence known, a discussion ensued, which quickly devolved into a shouting match between the leader of the loggers and the fey. The loggers were tasked with harvesting cloudtops, the fey took umbrage with the wanton destruction of the massive, old trees in her demesne. After hearing the bickering for a short while, a decision was made: the woodsmen had to be killed.

The battle was swift and brutal, and soon all the ax-wielding interlopers had been slain. To express her gratitude for the task rendered, the nereid promised to serve as an informant of the activities in the woods, provided the adventurers could find a way to restore or replace the trees. She suggested that they talk to a dryad and her satyr consort nearby for a solution.

The following day the group found the dryad’s grove, and discovered her weeping into a pond. she revealed to them that an evil tree called a scythe tree was terrorizing the forest around here, and she feared that it would soon find her grove and slay her as well, for a scythe tree has a particular fondness for dryad trees. If they could but slay the scythe tree, she would happily give them all the magical gear she had accumulated. They agreed and the dryad gave them instructions on how to find the vile plant.

Locating the scythe tree proved to be trivial, thanks to Byzalte’s talents and the dryad’s directions. The tree was quickly dispatched, and the unlikely hero of that swift battle was Sterling, Byzalte’s boarish companion. By rushing in and distracting the scythe tree he allowed Tolixan and Byzalte to close in un-scythed and chop down the tree. Byzalte did take a slash for his troubles, but the tree fell soon afterwards.

Upon returning to the dryad with news, and proof, of the evil tree’s demise, the overjoyed dryad followed through on her promise, gifting all of her magical possessions on the group, and agreeing to keep them informed on activities in this region.


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