Darkwave Tales: Kingmaker

Carnevil: From Lackluster to Hellbound in Mab's Handbasket.

Festivities been going out with mad bashes and the usual merriment. The troupe’s decision to split meant soaking more of the carnival’s events as well as possible murder when trouble brews their way.

Trajana’s desire for more women meant the brothel tent was her first priority; despite being ruler- the fees for breasts was one of many obstacles in her quest for haremhood. But alas, her trigger finger caused more harm than good resulting in the death of the pimp and maybe hindrance in her attempt to do some good in her chaotic life. But hey, free loot and a thankful redhead was the reward from her usual takes of bloodlust.

Stelhen and Phuralq’s means of excitement was an ice maze. Seems simple enough for the two intellectuals to solve the shifting puzzle. A bit of a rendition of a classic mythology with the twist of moving walls and faux Minotaur roaming about. And with calm minds and psychic precognition conquered the feat, even without the use the fabled golden thread that would make even the Gods nod their head at such an accomplishment.

Byzalte’s meaning of fun indicated hanging around people of his own kind. The Freak Menagerie was an ideal place of those with defects and unusual talents. And the healthy wager of a date with the fat lady seemed like a good idea for an arm wrestle. Though victorious, The stone man still insists on bringing a cask of cheap ale as means of a good match among freakish friends. Retrieving the ale was no problem, though the locals were less than willing to let a so-called “postman” go. But a beerstein to the jaw was more than enough to quell the growing mob down.

Tolixan wandered about- never the idea of “fun” has ever crossed his mind. The carnival itself seemed rather alien to the Wilder. And the thought itself left him mostly occupied as he watched peasants attempting to test their strength vainly on the windmill. But for once in his life a smile lifted on his face as he continued to watch each civilian falling into the dirt as the roars of laughter enveloped him in the spirited audience.

But among the merriment, an invisible power seeped into the fair. The first of omens came to Byzalte in form of a fox child. Handing him a handaxe and vague instructions of a master outside the grounds with terrible news. Not taking a chance, the Bastard took heed and begin searching his friends who were currently occupying at the sculpture event. Stelhen was busy adding bloody hues to his ice devil with the Illithid critiquing his work.

Byzalte, slightly buzzed from his rounds with the Menagerie slurred his explanation towards the two. Stehlen was too deep in his work, but Phuralq- having doubts, insisted that Byzalte test the axe’s credibility on one of the many blocks of ice littering the frozen lake. As he smashed his weapon on the fresh ice- a scream came from the maze. Instinctively, Both casters immediately set aside the contest to investigate. Leaving Byzalte to in a attempt to find the Kitsune child, but found something even more macabre at the Biggy Piggy.

A closer look within the tent revealed absolute horror. People transforming into swines by the half-pig humanoid followed by a gnome with frozen blood for both hair and beard. The bloody fey insisted that he eats some freshly made meat pie. But even Grimm himself can make the obvious connection between the pig people and the tainted pastry. No second thoughts needed as Byzalte pied the evil little man and stumbled out screaming:

“Biggy Piggy is people!”

Upon stumbling out, the once bashing fair turned into an oblivious blood fest. Eyeball lollies in the hands of children, the once clear ice sculptures now clouded with a faint tinge of red with peasants frozen in screamless agony. Chiselers in trances unaware of murder as they continue to pound away at skull matter and cartilage. Human corpses littered the walls in ornaments with their guts and viscera strewed about like bloody streamers as their bright crimson innards hanged and glistened from the torches yellow glow.

For once in his seventy years of living. Byzalte felt sick and the alcohol wasn’t assisting in keeping his stomach from spewing out its contents. He runs back to backs to the party now assembled near the maze’s entrance and shout the current horror that was happening behind him. This time, more blood-soaked gnomes appeared along with the swinomancer bringing with them an attempt to stop the party from interfering with their inhumane plans.

The fight was tough, but the handaxe was a complete blessing in bypassing the gnomes’ icy skins. With carnage still going about around them, they all agree in meeting with this mysterious being who seldom assisted the party without her presence.


Fantastic synopsis of events to date!

sintaqx DeFACT0

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