Darkwave Tales: Kingmaker

Barony of Al'Thor, Third Month, Erastus 21 to Arodus 20

Weather is hot through the end of Erastus and cools off a bit. Rain and thunderstorms roll through every 3 – 4 days, much to the delight of the farmers. The crown extended their claim to the Old Sycamore, an action which the kobolds of the Sootscale tribe greeted with boisterous acclaim. Farms continued to take old in the area surrounding Tytos, and additional farms were funded by the kingdom’s coffers. These farms continued expanding up the river, toward the crossing. A small hamlet, unofficially called ‘Crossing’ has sprung up at the bridge at the confluence of the river. Additional housing is constructed in the growing town, allowing more people to move out of the tent city into more permanent lodging.

The first serious test of the kingdom’s laws and judgement happened during this time as a feud between rival logging concerns escalated into murder. The murderer, Trisken, is apprehended easily, and his employer, Brandt, implicated in the murder. The judgement from Traja, the self-styled Queen, was declared to be Death for the murderer and 40 lashes for Brandt.

For the execution and punishment a large post, shaped from one of the trees that sparked the feud, was sunk into the ground in town. At Stehlen’s insistance the execution was to take place on Arodus 11, during the new moon. All of the town was encouraged to come and watch the execution, to help instill upon the m the consequences of such actions. First came the flogging of Brandt. Akiros read aloud his crimes, which included conspiricy and murder-by-proxy, at which time Tolixan began to flog the bare back of the accused. Amalasuintha, Stehlen, and Traja stand by as, over the next half hour, Tolixan mets out the punishment of 40 lashes. Time and time again spells are invoked to heal Brandt as he is rendered unconscious by the lash, bringing him back to consciousness only to be mercilessly driven back under. Blood runs in rivlets down his back by the end of the ordeal and he is hauled away, unconscious, to recover naturally.

Trisken is brought forth next and is bound to the blood-spattered post. Stehlen begins a ritual of summoning, chanting and slicing the condemned man, carving unholy symbols into his victim’s flesh. Unfortunately he carves too deeply, killing the prisoner before his time and unleashing a fiery backlash that scorches and sears the conjurer’s flesh despite his infernal protections.

Cecil, the employer of the murdered man, is discovered in the middle of the tent city later that week, severely beaten and robbed, with ‘Thief’ carved into his flesh, much like was done to his murdered employee. This time there were no witnesses, and no trail to follow to the perpetrators. After a weeks of searching, the local constablry, consisting of Akiros, Tolixan, and Byzalte, cease their investigations.


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