Darkwave Tales: Kingmaker

Barony of Al'Thor, Fifth Month, Rova 21 to Lamashan 20

Rain and thunderstorms dominate this month, dropping the temperature fairly dramatically. Unfortunately the rains also manage to destroy a good portion of the grain crops harvested and drying. Must and mold pervade the harvest, completely ruining much of it. Fortunately the management of the barony to this point means that the pinch of hunger will not be felt by the citizenry, though the stores for winter may be a bit leaner for it.

The kingdom continues its expansion towards Oleg’s Trading Post by claiming an area locally known as Spidernest Plain. A road is constructed past the gold mine, greatly easing passage through the hills in the area. Growth in Tytos slows a bit as no new housing or building projects are announced. The population is slowly transitioning from a labor force to a more manufacturing and craft base. Most of the smiths, carpenters, wainwrights, tailors, and cobblers work out of their homes or tents. The tent city itself, though shrinking somewhat, has begun taking on a more permanent, slum-like appearance.

Farms are established around the Old Sycamore with some of the farmers who are more open to a relationship with the sootscale kobolds living there. The kobolds themselves are intensely interested in how the farming works, and a couple even decide to try it for themselves, with limited success.

On Lamashan 10 the execution of the arsonist and mass-murderer Grady Holmes takes place. Much of the kingdom gathers to watch the event, eager to see the vile murderer get his final reward. Beginning at sunset and continuing for 8 hours, Stehlen and Amalasuintha chant esoteric rhythms, making ritualistic cuts into the condemned man’s flesh. The crowd does not thin in the least, even growing as those from further afield arrive to watch the ritual execution. As the ritual draws on, the ebb and flow of planer energy can be felt throughout the area, heightening the mob’s anticipation.

Finally the duo’s chants rise to a crescendo, punctuated by a bolt of lightning in the overcast sky overhead. Stehlen places a large ruby on the condemned man’s bloody chest and presses on it. The gemstone sinks into the flesh and the murderer bursts into flames, howling in agony. He writhes there for almost a half minute before slumping against his bonds, a charred husk. The assembled crowd gasps as a pair of claws tear through the smoldering rib cage. A hellhound breaks through the dead man’s flesh, emerging to stand before the frightened audience. The devil dog growls menacingly at the crowd before padding over to sit between Amalasuintha and Stehlen.


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