Darkwave Tales: Kingmaker

Barony of Al'Thor, Sixth Month, Lamashan 21 to Neth 20

The bad weather that plagued the barony at the end of Rova and through the middle of Lamashan abates, allowing the harvests to resume. The barony expands to its northern limit, encompasing Oleg’s Trading Post and the surrounding lands. Extra resources and effort are put into completing extending the road from the gold mine up to the trading post before the cold weather sets in.

During the construction of the road some of the workers discover the moon radish patch in the woods nearby. Being the enterprising types and seeing the value of the radishes, they gather up folks and funds and set off into the woods to stake their claim. A farm is established near the radish patch and cultivation of the root begins in earnest.

Word of the radishes spreads quickly and people begin to flock towards the woods, each seeking their own claim on the resources therein. Even decrees and threats of punishment fail to stem the tide, and the heavy-handed punishments that are levied only serve to increase the unrest spreading through the citizenry.

A jail is built to help contain the influx of law-breakers and rabble-rousers that this land rush brought in. In the end, the only real solution is to begin the construction of some farms nearby, offering the land and fortune-seekers a safer, closer place to live and work.


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