Darkwave Tales: Kingmaker

Barony of Al'Thor, Fourth Month, Arodus 21 to Rova 20

It is hot and humid, some days oppressively so. The frequent rainstorms have turned into infrequent thunderstorms, and those sometimes only made the humidity even worse! The area around the Gold Mine is claimed by the barony, slowly extending their reach towards Oleg’s. A road connecting to the Old Sycamore connects the growing kobold population to the capital, resulting in an increase of kobolds seen in the town proper. Slowly the sight of the small allies is becoming more familiar, but every so often trouble follows after them during their visits.

In response to the growing issues related to prostitution, a solution is proposed by the queen: build a brothel. The citizens respond to this decree with resounding enthusiasm, and soon the working girls in the town have a better place than a muddy tent on which to conduct their business.

The feud between the logging companies does not cool after the punishments handed out. If anything it grows as Cecil seeks retribution for his assault, and restitution for the loss of his employee. The situation once more comes to a head when an arsonist owned by Cecil sets fire to a hamlet, killing nine people, including Brandt.

The fate of the arsonist is obvious, even called for by the barony citizens: execution. Stehlen postpones the execution with a brusque explanation that it’s not the right time. Amalasuintha soothes the agitated citizenry who are demanding the arsonist’s blood, assuring them that the man will die on the next new moon, Lamashan 10. Mollified, and glad that the feud is finally over, the general unrest that had dogged the barony for the past couple months finally begins to die down.


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